Linda Kay Papadakis

Artist Statement

My artwork is figurative with intense colors. I paint portraits in oil and draw them with charcoal. I enjoy figure drawing and landscapes. Contemporary painters I have met in Italy, whose knowledge and use of color make them outstanding, influence my art. I have had the great fortune to spend the last two years living and studying in Florence, Italy. My goal was to gain a greater understanding of the materials and mechanics of painting and to assert a renewed conceptual balance to my artwork, thus attaining depth and breadth as an artist, along with improving my resourcefulness as a teacher. I have always been interested in the technical complexity of Baroque and Renaissance paintings and to have the ability to meld those ancient practices with modern methodologies and ideas to improve the level of communication I can achieve through visual art.

The resulting upheaval in my artwork is both satisfying and challenging. The pieces I have to show now are not just paintings; each is a study and a story in its own right. While in Italy, I approached my projects with the dual purpose of artistic improvement and gleaning information I could pass on to my students. Many of my works are testaments to learned skills and evidence of potential successes and I consider them complete works at the stages they now exist in. 

An important element in my journey was to study the painting methods, materials and psychological staging of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. The work on this project lasted many months. It was a project supported by experts in the field of restoration and art history who facilitated the research and physical accomplishment of completing three master copies that now influence my creative endeavors – especially in portraiture.

My journey to Italy is reflected in my endeavors to analyze and evaluate my experiences, create new bodies of art and share my knowledge and skills through teaching.


L. K. is a life-long resident of California who has recently enjoyed a sojourn of two years to Florence, Italy, where she studied painting in a historical yet modern setting. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Italy and a Master of Art from California, both with an emphasis in painting and drawing. Her interests are portraiture, figurative and landscapes - all with an interplay of modern to ancient pigments and materials. Explorations into color theory and application are at the forefront of her artistic practice which is evolving to incorporate the intensive study of painting she recently completed.

L. K.'s artistic career encompasses instructing at the college and university levels. It spans local art interests, including the Fresno Art Hop. She plans to continue exhibiting and selling her artwork internationally with a special passion for Firenze, Italy.